Monday, July 5, 2021

 Most Great Things About Online Jobs 

  1. Eliminate Hours of transportation: Riding is an average of 30 minutes for everyone. 
  2. Put more time into your job: Especially when you have the flexibility to start at a reasonable time. Erik Bradley said, "The productivity metrics are proving that remote work is working"
  3. Is it a great opportunity? To Be present for your kids.  It's your decision. You can prepare dinner for them, help them with homework. But most importantly, Spend time with your give you the opportunities to teach them more values. Great! a parent cannot keep up to stay home. The fact is when the baby is under one year= high cost of a babysitter or monthly daycare. When the child reaches Kindergarten, his day ends at 3:30 pm. Unless you work online, how is that possible to works while the average salary is 40,000, which the about the same as the babysitter's salary?
  4. Working in your favorite quiet place: unless you have a tiny space, you should definitely create a room and decorate base on your taste. Unfortunately, some people accepted a deco that can be irritated for years. In addition to that, some offices don’t have windows. It's awful.
  5. Avoid conflicts with coworkers, employers, or employees: the most exciting part of being present at work is to be around other people (coworkers, employers, or employees) and socialize. They become your close friends by space and community. But remember, friends at work are questionable. It’s all about who did better, who’s smarter. The great news is during COVID19, most employers realized they could save so much money by keeping their employees working at home. For that reason, there are available jobs online today.
  6. Eliminate lateness, stress, and awkward moments: Been late can be very stressful. But again, your schedule turns around your kids, between dropping them and pick them up. You may have to use public transportation for people with no kid, which leads to inconvenience, especially when freezing on the East coast or too Hot on the west coast. 
  7. Enjoy your break Time: Exercising during your break time is the best, practicing your favorite sport or step out for a nice walk.
  8. Save more money on meals: Although you can still order your food, you can also prepare everything the night before bedtime and enjoy a healthy meal.
  9. Employers can pay you a contribution fee to your internet and cell phone. Some employers provide computers (laptops)  and spend part of your cell phone bill. It depends on the tools you use to complete the job. 
  10. Schedule more vacation and Getaway. You can also explore different places (by renting a short-term rental) instead of staying in the same house for seven days, depending on your budget. 
  11.  Working from home required discipline, TV turn-off, Noise off, and, most importantly, staying focused and keeping a schedule. Learn to master your organizing skills. You become more responsible with an entrepreneurs mentality.
  12. IRS tax return on your working home office. You can also file at the end of the years the places where you work from home. Make sure you discuss this with your account tax specialist.
  13. Getting more sleep + health gives you more Stability and excellent health. Yes, is that simple? You get to sleep at least an hour more in the morning when you don't have to add transportation time. It's Wonderful! 
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