Monday, July 5, 2021

 Most Great Things About Online Jobs 

  1. Eliminate Hours of transportation: Riding is an average of 30 minutes for everyone. 
  2. Put more time into your job: Especially when you have the flexibility to start at a reasonable time. Erik Bradley said, "The productivity metrics are proving that remote work is working"
  3. Is it a great opportunity? To Be present for your kids.  It's your decision. You can prepare dinner for them, help them with homework. But most importantly, Spend time with your give you the opportunities to teach them more values. Great! a parent cannot keep up to stay home. The fact is when the baby is under one year= high cost of a babysitter or monthly daycare. When the child reaches Kindergarten, his day ends at 3:30 pm. Unless you work online, how is that possible to works while the average salary is 40,000, which the about the same as the babysitter's salary?
  4. Working in your favorite quiet place: unless you have a tiny space, you should definitely create a room and decorate base on your taste. Unfortunately, some people accepted a deco that can be irritated for years. In addition to that, some offices don’t have windows. It's awful.
  5. Avoid conflicts with coworkers, employers, or employees: the most exciting part of being present at work is to be around other people (coworkers, employers, or employees) and socialize. They become your close friends by space and community. But remember, friends at work are questionable. It’s all about who did better, who’s smarter. The great news is during COVID19, most employers realized they could save so much money by keeping their employees working at home. For that reason, there are available jobs online today.
  6. Eliminate lateness, stress, and awkward moments: Been late can be very stressful. But again, your schedule turns around your kids, between dropping them and pick them up. You may have to use public transportation for people with no kid, which leads to inconvenience, especially when freezing on the East coast or too Hot on the west coast. 
  7. Enjoy your break Time: Exercising during your break time is the best, practicing your favorite sport or step out for a nice walk.
  8. Save more money on meals: Although you can still order your food, you can also prepare everything the night before bedtime and enjoy a healthy meal.
  9. Employers can pay you a contribution fee to your internet and cell phone. Some employers provide computers (laptops)  and spend part of your cell phone bill. It depends on the tools you use to complete the job. 
  10. Schedule more vacation and Getaway. You can also explore different places (by renting a short-term rental) instead of staying in the same house for seven days, depending on your budget. 
  11.  Working from home required discipline, TV turn-off, Noise off, and, most importantly, staying focused and keeping a schedule. Learn to master your organizing skills. You become more responsible with an entrepreneurs mentality.
  12. IRS tax return on your working home office. You can also file at the end of the years the places where you work from home. Make sure you discuss this with your account tax specialist.
  13. Getting more sleep + health gives you more Stability and excellent health. Yes, is that simple? You get to sleep at least an hour more in the morning when you don't have to add transportation time. It's Wonderful! 
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Berthille Metoua

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Tuesday, June 29, 2021


The Do and Don't in Betting.

  1. Do Not fall for your favorite team. The common mistake people make is to have a favorite team. It's delicious to support but you cannot show your feeling. To be a winner in Betting, you must think Business by using facts and analyzing. 

  2. Do Not Bet all you have or everything in your bankroll. Instead, save for your betting and build a bankroll that can be used use to bet. In fact, this is when you really need some advice on how to manage your bankroll to bet and Win. 

  3. Do Not make your decision under the influence of any alcohol or drug. That will automatically lead to significant mistakes and losses.

  4. Do Not stay with one sportsbook: it’s better to move around as much as needed.

  • Do your research on odds and statistics. Don't let any media influence your decision.

  • Do a search and analyze for the best odds and highest offer on your pick

  • Do join a community of winning experts who win in sports and have won for years like ZCodeSystem That will help you eliminate hours of research and predictions without the right tools. 

Remember, You are not alone.

Berthille Metoua



Friday, September 18, 2015

Understanding Hashtag: The 5 W's and How?

Who created hashtag? In August 2007, Chris Messina’s a twitter users and a social technology expert created the first hashtag as a way to group information. (Doctor Vanessa). In his first hashtag, Messina says: how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]? (See image One).  Perhaps every word with the hash in front means is connected to a link.
What is Hashtag? “Hashtag (#) is the hash character number sign in front of a combination of words added to a tweet and creating to track categories, groups, or topics. “Others can use to search for info using the Twitter Search feature. (Donna Ghunter).

When to use Hashtags? Similar to Google, hashtags can be used for a search on a topic. For example when a new movie coming up, a hashtag should be designed immediately to provide necessary info such as trailers, actors, and date.  “One of the most common uses of the hashtag is to tweet what's happening at an event or conference. The event organizer will request all attendees use a specific hashtag, i.e. #yourevent when tweeting about the event to your followers. So, then, someone who isn't present at the event but wants to follow what's happening there can simply search for #yourevent and see what's going on and what participants are saying and sharing about the event.” (Donna Ghunter).

Where to use Hashtag? Besides Twitter, Hashtags is currently supported by many social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Why use Hashtag?  Originally, Messina created hashtag because twitter is set up to tweet no more than 14 words. (Twitter official page). So using a hashtag, has provided information on a specific topic or group of people. It is one the most efficient tool to promote an event, campaign and engage conversations online (chats) and within a group. Is about putting a few words together related to the topic that can be easily remembered and founded using Social media platforms.

What? Some Hashtags such as American Idol’s vote #idol; Dancing with the Start’s  # DWTS, became viral because they were successfully used by people to catch-up and stay updated on everything in regard to these shows. These movements show  when  to use it and the advantages of using hashtags for everyone especially professionals marketers and PR. That also means Twitter hashtag is a powerful tool.
 In relation to that Adam Pratter says, “Twitter users to tag tweets to give more context to them. They can also be used as a way to designate the tweet to particular conversation or chat.”(Pratter, 2013).   That said, connected people should be using hashtags to organize, groups different topic, to handle conversation and most importantly to share the maximum information on social media.

How to create a hashtag? The first step is to understand the above reasons for hashtags; the second step is to understand the nature or category of your topic. The third step is to select the exact keywords that are related to your topic. The fourth step is to check with to know if your selected words were already used, or not. Note that you may change your keywords to avoid confusion and similarity. Once you finally selected your keywords, you can use to add your new hashtag in the   hashtags dictionary. That helps eliminate others to use the same hashtag as you in the future. To complete your hashtags, you can create a link (or landing page) connected to all info or video in regard to your topic. At this point, your hashtag is ready to use, so you can also upload it to for more traffic. Overall, creating a hashtag means hyperlink a combination of letters with the hash symbol in front connect to a landing page. Brian Solis (2013) calls it  “The Art of social Media- If you think about it as Action, Reactions, and Transactions.”(Solis. B, 2013). Put it together, hashtag gives us the ability of real-time engaging which allows us to communicate better online. For another way on how to create Hashtag, you can visit Donna Gunter.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bloggers and Multimedia Tools

How does multimedia enhance our messaging?  
 To begin with, editors must do more than simply edit narratives. They must understand which of the new tools on an expanding list should be used to communicate. (Kovach & Rosenstiel, 2010). In other words, it is important for editors to add multimedia in their contents and to know the right tool for each  of them.  In fact, the government and many of our best thinkers justly applaud technology for giving us more tools to engage. (Kovach & Rosenstiel, 2010).
In whatever way, we need to take some factors in consideration when using  multimedia tools . The first factor should be the feature of each tool, the second should be the convenience (easy to use) and the third factor should be the cost.  In regard to the cost, the 7 essentials free multimedia tools according to Media are Splashup, KomPoZer, IMovie, Jaycut, Audacity, GarangeBand and Photo Peach, Effect Generator and Google Docs. In addition to that, the same website  provides a list of 20 more. For a presentation, Slide Dog website say that the top 5 presentation Tools besides PowerPoint are Prezi, Keynote and ClearSlide/SlideRocket and SlideDog  which can takes SlideDog to a whole new level.
 Similar to the above free tools, other great tools to use for video and images are Animoto and Vimeo.  Animoto website describes as easy to use, customizable, on the go hosted in the cloud, vast music library and ideal for business. Regarding Vimeo, the Wall street Journal publishes in September 2014  that “Vimeo keeps climbing the ranks. The relatively low-profile site, owned by IAC, reached 34.5 million unique users in August, according to comScore, making it the ninth biggest video property on the Web in the U.S. The company says it reaches 170 million users across the globe.”(Mike Shields).  But some important facts to know about Vimeo are 1. Yet it has little interest in selling advertising. One of the promises on Vimeo’s home page is “no disruptive ads.” 2.  Vimeo has built that user base by catering to independent filmmakers, musicians, artists and other content producers specializing in more niche genres (Mike Shields).

 To stay focus, bloggers should use multimedia tools effectively depending on the message that need to be sent.  According to the above information, it’s clear that some techniques are more effective than other. In spite of that, an example of a blog that use multimedia effectively is Copy blogger example of blog that use multimedia techniques is  Gary Vaynerchuk Community


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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Media Lifetime Mistake: The Misinformation of Joe Patterno's Death

An extensive share of information on social media, Tweeter and Facebook announced the death of Jo Paterno on Saturday 1/21/12.  It all started when Onward State sent a tweet to confirm the death of Paterno and posted it on their official website.  

  Rapidly other News organization including, Breaking, CBS Sports, Huffington Post reported the false information. on Sunday 1/22/12 to explain what really happened  one of our writers posted that he had received word from a source that Joe Paterno had died. The source had been forwarded an email ostensibly sent from a high-ranking athletics official (later found to be a hoax) to Penn State athletes with information of Paterno’s passing. A second writer — whom we later found out had not been honest in his information — confirmed to us that the email had been sent to football players. With two independent confirmations of an email announcing his death, managing editor Devon Edwards was confident in the story and hit send on the tweet we had written, informing the world that Joe Paterno had died.”
Onward State’s managing Editor James Devon apologize and says” On behalf of everyone at Onward State, I would like to apologize for our organization’s inaccurate reporting last night. More than anything else, we value our readers’ trust, and the sick feeling in my stomach is a constant reminder that last night, we lost a great deal of it.”  In addition to that he posted a message on Onward State official Facebook  ( “Never, in a million years, would have thought that Onward State would be cited by the national media, and today, I sincerely wish it never had been. To all those who read and passed along our reports, I sincerely apologize for misleading you. To the Penn State community and to the Paterno family most of all, I could not be more sorry for the emotional anguish I am sure we caused. There are no excuses for what we did. We all make mistakes, but it’s impossible to brush off one of this magnitude. Right now, we deserve all of the criticism headed our way.”  Other apologize was made by Mark Swanson, managing editor of and other news  organizations
Although, an apologize was made from each organization, they have violated the following   SPJ code of ethics: 1.  Verify information before releasing it. Use original sources whenever possible 2. Never deliberately distort facts or context” 3. Minimize Arm. 3. Seek truth and report it 4. Be accountable and transparent because other media did not cited Onward State as their original source  (  As a result of these violations, they caused discomfort to the Paterno’s family, .the news organizations jeopardized their credibility, and the managing director lose his job. 
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Friday, October 10, 2014

Social Media Tools

Although a video sharing like YouTube is one of the most visits with “over 4 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube per month “(, I believed that Social network sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, goggle + will be the most effective to reach an audience.  In fact according to the Dragonfly Effect, Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith (2010) proposed a simple four-step method for effective message development and delivery. They suggested that an effective message must be focused to produce a specific outcome, designed to grab an audience’s attention while engaging their compassion, and able to motivate the audience toward deliberate action to produce an intended outcome.
However, while visiting, webcasts, web conferences and webinars using the aids. Gov. link, I noticed several conferences open for registration at different dates and times.  So before you can take advantages of the information, you must register. On one hand is great because that lead people to choose the best and quiet time to focus on the subject. On the other hand, the registration process reduces the number of people who are interesting, especially those who are searching for information right away and those who dislike providing their information.

I was also able to explore Social bookmark page and I found it very interesting. I first watch the video that explains the 5 w’s and how the social bookmarks work.
Which lead me to visit and open an account right away. I don’t think it is the best tool to reach an audience but it comes with a great advantage which is “Saving your favorite links by categories and be able to share with your followers and following ” instead of bookmarks all favorite links (pages) on your computer.
As much as I’m familiar to social network sites especially Facebook, twitter and Google +, I never use Pinterest.  So I decided to explore it and I was surprised to know that Pinterest has so much learning tools and items for sale in all categories. And after I subscribed  ( ), I was even more surprised to know that everyone can share and offer their skills (or talent) on their pages.  So it is easier to promote anything including the HIV campaign.
As mentioned earlier, after I explored other Social Media Tools, in my opinion Social Networks Sites are the most effective to reach an audience.


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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Article Credibility Evaluation

My evaluation on Huffington Posts ‘s   article:

“Here's How Unfair The Tax System Is In Each State”

My following evaluation is for the credibility of the article based on the guidelines set in Criteria to Evaluate the Credibility of WWW Resources

The name of the author is Kevin Short.
Did short had some authority in the field of finance and Tax he is write about?
 No, according to his background, he studies journalism.
 What is Short qualification?   Short did not show any other qualification than his journalism study.

Does Short have publications in peer reviewed (scholarly and professional)?  He does not have any scholarly publication but he does have many professional articles published.

Are there clues that the Short are biased? Yes but all connections are clear and necessary for the article.

Is the Web information current? Yes. All website information provide are current and up to date

Does the information have a complete list of works cited, which reference credible, authoritative sources? Yes, the link provide with a source of a reliable education website with a list of financial experts available for any question.

Can the subject you are researching be fully covered with WWW sources or should print sources provide balance? Yes, the website contains all information regarding the topic.

On what kind of Web site does the information appear?  The information appear on an education website (Edu). Which is a reliable website because is runs by academy members and PhD professors.

Therefore, I conclude that Kevin Short does not have any expertise in finance but the article is credible because he was able to provide reliable sources by using information from other website with financial expert available.