Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bloggers and Multimedia Tools

How does multimedia enhance our messaging?  
 To begin with, editors must do more than simply edit narratives. They must understand which of the new tools on an expanding list should be used to communicate. (Kovach & Rosenstiel, 2010). In other words, it is important for editors to add multimedia in their contents and to know the right tool for each  of them.  In fact, the government and many of our best thinkers justly applaud technology for giving us more tools to engage. (Kovach & Rosenstiel, 2010).
In whatever way, we need to take some factors in consideration when using  multimedia tools . The first factor should be the feature of each tool, the second should be the convenience (easy to use) and the third factor should be the cost.  In regard to the cost, the 7 essentials free multimedia tools according to Media are Splashup, KomPoZer, IMovie, Jaycut, Audacity, GarangeBand and Photo Peach, Effect Generator and Google Docs. In addition to that, the same website  provides a list of 20 more. For a presentation, Slide Dog website say that the top 5 presentation Tools besides PowerPoint are Prezi, Keynote and ClearSlide/SlideRocket and SlideDog  which can takes SlideDog to a whole new level.
 Similar to the above free tools, other great tools to use for video and images are Animoto and Vimeo.  Animoto website describes as easy to use, customizable, on the go hosted in the cloud, vast music library and ideal for business. Regarding Vimeo, the Wall street Journal publishes in September 2014  that “Vimeo keeps climbing the ranks. The relatively low-profile site, owned by IAC, reached 34.5 million unique users in August, according to comScore, making it the ninth biggest video property on the Web in the U.S. The company says it reaches 170 million users across the globe.”(Mike Shields).  But some important facts to know about Vimeo are 1. Yet it has little interest in selling advertising. One of the promises on Vimeo’s home page is “no disruptive ads.” 2.  Vimeo has built that user base by catering to independent filmmakers, musicians, artists and other content producers specializing in more niche genres (Mike Shields).

 To stay focus, bloggers should use multimedia tools effectively depending on the message that need to be sent.  According to the above information, it’s clear that some techniques are more effective than other. In spite of that, an example of a blog that use multimedia effectively is Copy blogger example of blog that use multimedia techniques is  Gary Vaynerchuk Community


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