Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Aphadi And The Power In Fashion

Fashion, development, economy, and peace, were the topics of conversation during the FIMA (Festival International De La Mode Africaine) conference held at the United Nations Tuesday 26 Sep, 2013. Alphadi Seidnaly, designer and the founder of FIMA sat amongst a panel of entrepreneurs, task makers and politicians. The panel consisted of Alphadi, Boubacar Bourema, Fatima Djoua, Jacqueline Kakembo, Designer Jedda Khan and Minister of state for foreign affairs of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum.
         The conference was held to discuss the upcoming 9th edition FIMA event, what it is about, and its importance. It is being held in Niger this November 20th-25th. Alphadi created FIMA as a platform to show African fashions and design, which reflect his culture and his country. Since its beginnings it has gained much popularity. It has helped to shine a light on designers of African decent such as Jedda Khan. It has also allowed a large array of black models opportunities they would not normally get at other fashion shows. 
 One panelist said, “FIMA can create empowerment and display the talents of African youths”. As well as introduce people to the aesthetics of African fashion and serve as a platform for a better economy in Niger and as Alphadi believes a promotion of “peace”.
Successful designer Jedda Khan had much to contribute to the panel as well as one of the designers who has been able to display his talents during FIMA. During panel he explained how Alphadi and FIMA has taught him much on expanding his business.
FIMA is a fashion expo that is said to rival those of Paris and Milan.
Not only was the fashion stressed during the conference but also the politics of it all.
During the conference attendees were treated to a preview of some of the fashions that will be modeled during the festival. Models cat-walked through the conference room in everything from Hollywood glamour gowns to traditional African garb and much in between. Many note worthy attendees such as Ivory Coast native, singer Nastou, had this to say about FIMA “it’s great to see African fashion in the UN.through FIMA Fashion is extended.” She was also “impressed” by Alphadi’s passion for fashion and with what he has accomplished thus far. Another note worthy attendee was Comedian and singer Mathey who also added “it is very important to promote African design. Everyone is not aware of our great material”. In connection to that Alphadi stated that he chose to have the conference at the UN because of the “weight” that having it there held. FIMA is an international celebration of fashion, art, and culture, which fosters opportunities for development. I strongly invite everyone to be there for the next Edition.” Visit http://www.alphadi.net/fr/#accueil for more information.

Berthille Metoua

Fall 2013' S New York Couture Fashion Week

The last day of the New York Couture Fashion Week  took place at the New Yorker Hotel’s Grand Ballroom, on Sunday, Feb 17, 2013, with showcases from designers and performances from singers.
Hundreds of people including journalists, photographers, retailer executives and celebrities gathered at the New York Fashion Show at 4 p. m, Sunday to enjoy   the fall collection.
            Singer Reagan Richards performed with her three dancers that involved some comedy and drama scenes.  Another performance was by singer Sinem Saniye a pop singer from New York.    
Designer Lourdes Atencio presented her fall collection that was made of silk and satin fabric for special occasions.  The public seemed to enjoy her multicolor collection and they applauded, especially when all the models came out at the same time presenting her clothing as a group, at the end of the show. Every fashion garment   presentation was well complemented by all types of accessories such as scarves, jewelry, and handbags.
             Designer Tyrell Mason also had a remarkable collection, made of silk and stretch fabric specifically with long, well-tailored dresses, which are preferable for a cocktail, dinners or special occasion. The most amazing time during the evening” said photographer Alex Borghi was when the public’s scream to request Mason back on stage for the second time after his first appearance. It’s was like an ornament in a shadow around his models.
Mason said “I have been in the business for 20 years and realized that it is very important to have the clothing fully wearable, otherwise that will not make a sense to me and to my client as well. I get all my inspiration through the music that helps me create most of my design.  So I select the music for every collection shows.” “Even though the show was brief, the public had a wonderful time,” said Alizée Utteryn CEO of Alizée magazine http://magazinealizelavie.com.  In addition to that, designer Isabella Craig a guest who is scheduled to present her collection next September said: “I had a great time watching Tyrell and Atencio’s collections during the couture runway show, and now I have confidence that my up-coming collection next September will be a nice and wonderful show with them.” With that thought, she left for the evening. Visit http://couturefashionweek.com for more information regarding  upcoming  Couture fashion week.
Berthille Metoua