Tuesday, June 29, 2021


The Do and Don't in Betting.

  1. Do Not fall for your favorite team. The common mistake people make is to have a favorite team. It's delicious to support but you cannot show your feeling. To be a winner in Betting, you must think Business by using facts and analyzing. 

  2. Do Not Bet all you have or everything in your bankroll. Instead, save for your betting and build a bankroll that can be used use to bet. In fact, this is when you really need some advice on how to manage your bankroll to bet and Win. 

  3. Do Not make your decision under the influence of any alcohol or drug. That will automatically lead to significant mistakes and losses.

  4. Do Not stay with one sportsbook: it’s better to move around as much as needed.

  • Do your research on odds and statistics. Don't let any media influence your decision.

  • Do a search and analyze for the best odds and highest offer on your pick

  • Do join a community of winning experts who win in sports and have won for years like ZCodeSystem That will help you eliminate hours of research and predictions without the right tools. 

Remember, You are not alone.

Berthille Metoua https://www.linkedin.com/in/berthille-metoua-27476463/