Friday, October 10, 2014

Social Media Tools

Although a video sharing like YouTube is one of the most visits with “over 4 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube per month “(, I believed that Social network sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, goggle + will be the most effective to reach an audience.  In fact according to the Dragonfly Effect, Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith (2010) proposed a simple four-step method for effective message development and delivery. They suggested that an effective message must be focused to produce a specific outcome, designed to grab an audience’s attention while engaging their compassion, and able to motivate the audience toward deliberate action to produce an intended outcome.
However, while visiting, webcasts, web conferences and webinars using the aids. Gov. link, I noticed several conferences open for registration at different dates and times.  So before you can take advantages of the information, you must register. On one hand is great because that lead people to choose the best and quiet time to focus on the subject. On the other hand, the registration process reduces the number of people who are interesting, especially those who are searching for information right away and those who dislike providing their information.

I was also able to explore Social bookmark page and I found it very interesting. I first watch the video that explains the 5 w’s and how the social bookmarks work.
Which lead me to visit and open an account right away. I don’t think it is the best tool to reach an audience but it comes with a great advantage which is “Saving your favorite links by categories and be able to share with your followers and following ” instead of bookmarks all favorite links (pages) on your computer.
As much as I’m familiar to social network sites especially Facebook, twitter and Google +, I never use Pinterest.  So I decided to explore it and I was surprised to know that Pinterest has so much learning tools and items for sale in all categories. And after I subscribed  ( ), I was even more surprised to know that everyone can share and offer their skills (or talent) on their pages.  So it is easier to promote anything including the HIV campaign.
As mentioned earlier, after I explored other Social Media Tools, in my opinion Social Networks Sites are the most effective to reach an audience.


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